Advertising or documentary - a matter of perspective

When all perspectives are united, the whole world becomes visible.

Thomas Eisenack knows how to capture the grace of a model as well as the extremely heavy boom of a towering crane or the captivating emptiness of the Canadian prairies
 or manuals, filmed so vividly, also a model could guide that crane.

As a freelance photographer, cinematographer and film producer, he is at home in quite different, contrasting and sometimes converging styles, from advertising to water engineering,
 from speed sailing to outsize goods transport, from portraits to postcards. The world is just too great to just glance at it. And should it need to be changed -
 Thomas Eisenack is also a specialist in image editing and composition.


Does aesthetic need functionality? Can geometry handle disorder and converging lines?
 Does 3D come across as two-dimensional? Or is it all just a facade? Absolutely not.
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Large machinery in motion. Photographed at the crucial moment
or as a complete process - with the deliberate use of light and contrast.
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Humans have shaped their jobs and are shaped by them. Only by truly observing, the complete picture of a professional emerges. 
Documentary style - classic, modern and close.
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Nature is even more exciting from an unusual angle. 
When the light shimmers perfectly it creates pictures full of life.
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Aerial photography

There is nothing greater: The world from above. 
From organizing the flight to the finished product.
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To capture authenticity, emotion and that special something.
 For a face is more than just its features.
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Whether a sports event or an incentive. When every second counts
the most crucial moments are hidden among them.
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Equipped for all eventualities

Each project is a challenge. To achieve the best results not only does one need well-honed expertise, but equally crucial is an arsenal of professional photo and video equipment:

    • 22.8-megapixel digital cameras for small format photographs

    • 60-megapixel digital camera for medium- and large format
    • Production of analog small, medium, large and panoramic format
Portable flash units for studio-like conditions in almost any location
    •  3 2/3" DVC ProHD video cameras with AVC Intra
    • Hero HD camera

    • Steadycam

    • Remote panning head 
    • Casing for zones of fluctuating water levels
Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD for broadcast-quality edit (mobile or stationary unit)

    • Production of DVD and BluRay projects and sophisticated animations with professional design team

Certificates and qualifications:

  • Occupational medical examinations to rule G 31 and G 41,

  • Qualification "Offshore Basic "

  • Personal safety equipment and boat license


Total enthusiasm and specialized equipment for perfect panoramas. View examples