A glance into the operation

From regional to international, from classical to modern imagery, from a one-off shoot to a long-term project:
 What Thomas Eisenack captures requires few words. Because good pictures speak for themselves:

Architecture and Construction

The enormous size of some buildings are only understandable if the focus on the detail is preserved. 
The correlation between distance and closeness. For example through many years of working together with the water contractor Heinrich Hirdes, Thomas Eisenack gained a wealth of important experience.

Office building
Löser Group

Images of the
open building and its pierced walls were created under varying light conditions.
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Plant expansion of Nordex
by Inros Lackner

Documentary photographs of the construction - from foundation to the finished building.
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These pictures were taken during the first transport helicopter mission at the transformer station Baltic in Barhöft.
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Heinrich Hirdes GmbH

A photo project about the creation of the breakwater system for the resort Boltenhagen.
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Warnow Tunnel Rostock 2004

This film is an impressive documentation of the successful execution of all the dredging and immersion work connected with this tunnel.
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Nordstream German Landfall Project 2011

The documentary video gives an insight in the various working steps for completion of this major infrastructure project located in an environmentally very sensitive Flora-Fauna-Habitat area.
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Elbtunnel 2002

A video documentation oft the ARGE Schutzbauwerk Elbtunnel.
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Industry and Energy

Gigantic machines meet wide wind-distorted landscapes. 
Especially through the long lasting cooperation with the wind generator manufacturer Nordex and the crane manufacturer Liebherr pictures emerged that bring out emotions.

Power Plant Rostock

This photo series documents a major technical revision. In the process numerous team photographs were taken.
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A series of photographs of one of the world's largest crane manufacturers.
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Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock

A photographic documentation of the erection of the crane MTC 78000 on the OSA "Sampson" in 2010
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EEW Special Pipe Construction

These pictures were taken during the production of a measuring tube for the TU Braunschweig.
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This documentary shows the construction of the offshore wind power plant n90 in Frederickshaven (Denmark).
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This series of photographs pictures staff members of the offshore wind turbine manufacturer over a period of 10 years.
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E.N.O. Rostock

A photo documentation about the construction of the first e82 wind turbine near Rostock during adverse weather.
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New Panel Line by IMG

This film shows the various stations of a 40x600m long machine to make panels for shipbuilding.
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Tourism and Gastronomy

Whether under natural light conditions or with specific techniques,
whether small or panoramic photography - photographs have an effect,
 if the viewer feels the desire to just be where they were taken.

Advertising for the Lake Hotel Rosendomizil

For internet and print media the special ambience was portrayed in a natural way.
 For the smaller rooms a special lighting technique was used.
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IGA 2003

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Gourmet and Delicatessen Restaurant in Güstrow

A photographic chronicle of the opening as well as an insight into the production of the menu.
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Annual Calendar 2004
 of the Federal State Government MV

"The Fascinating World of Water" Panoramas of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with the changing seasons.
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Bacardi Discotheques – Promotion 1997

This video clip shows the Bacardi Discotheques promo tour thru Germany 1997.
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Sports and Events

During an incentive, a sports event or a high-level competition -
 for the decisive moment, you need a trained eye.
Thus, shared moments become highlights of the gallery.

Nivea Cup Warnemünde

A series of photographs present lifeguards in action at an international competition.
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Speed Sailing in Warnemünde

Images taken during an incentive for motivation and comradeship.
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Corporate Events

A photographic chronicle, reflecting the action and fun during the event.
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Science and Education

Leibnitz Institute for Baltic Sea Research

A photo series presenting the various research areas and shows the students at their work.
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Tales of Travel

Who would not like to be where he just cannot be at this moment?
 The desire of being on the move is deeply rooted in all of us. On our return the memories remain - and pictures like these. A cross section of journeys and a portrait of an evolution.

Egypt 1999

These photos reflect the country‘s life and tradition off the beaten track.
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Chile 1994-1997

On these trips pictures were taken, which show Chile’s archaic, rugged landscape battered by storms.
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Crete 2011

To take pictures inconspicuously, these images were taken with a small compact camera.
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United States 1986-1991

These images tell the story of the contrast between wild landscapes and urban big city life.
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