Thomas Eisenack’s pathway to photography and film

His world is the studio.
Mexico and the U.S.A. is where he started as a cameraman in the eighties.
 In the nineties it was Chile and Argentina, where he worked as a travel photographer. China and Hong Kong followed with assignments as an architectural photographer as well as Egypt, Mallorca, Italy - where even under water, he finds the most interesting perspectives.

Thomas Eisenack fliegt im Hubschrauber

Thomas Eisenack was born in the Thuringian town of Apolda in 1959 - two years before the Berlin Wall was built. 
The family soon moved to Graal Müritz, near the Baltic Sea, as to at least preserve the view into freedom.
 Perhaps it was the antagonism between the claustrophobic atmosphere in the GDR and the vastness of the sea that drove Thomas into illegal emigration in 1980. 
As a consequence the trained plumber found himself condemned to 2 years and 4 months in prison. After one and a half years, the West German authorities bought his freedom, he was released from incarceration and could finally leave the GDR.

He moved to Kiel, later lived in Baltimore and established himself as a freelance photographer a in the United States. 
With the fall of the Berlin Wall he returned. Now freedom had come to his home land. Since then he has been living in Rostock. 
Freedom is the basic condition for what he has wanted to do since he was a child: Seeing the world in the viewfinder, being the finder himself.
 Searching for motifs to take pictures of, to film with passion, with attention to detail, with the patience to capture that special moment.

Thomas Eisenack lives and breathes photography, it is has been his profession for more than 25 years. This is why every single picture has the same quality as his long term film productions. Because of this he masters the balancing act between glossy fashion photography and the muddy conditions of a building site.
 Freedom also means never to lose one’s curiosity for what lies ahead.


Zwischen Kultur und Architektur - Bilder, die Emotionen auslösen:

  • Hanse Sail Rostock 1991,
Stettin, Stralsund, Rostock 777 Jahre, 
M/V Kultur, 
M/V Maritim, 

  • aib Architektur, 
INROS Firmenchronik, 
Jahreskalender 2004 der Landesregierung MV
  • Bildband Heinrich Hirdes 100 minus 1

Zahlreiche seiner Fotos wurden in Print- und Internetkampagnen als Werbemedien eingesetzt


von Hawaii bis in die Heimat - Bilder, die um die Welt gingen:

  • 1987 Baltimore; Convention Center
  • 1989 Kauai; Poipu Beach
  • 1992 Hamburg; Sparkasse
  • 1994 Rostock; ständige Ausstellung im Kranstöver
  • 1996 Santiago de Chile; Deutsch - Clilenische Gesellschaft,
  • 1998 Bonn; Landesvertretung MV
  • 1998 Schwerin; Schloß Basthorst
  • 1999 Concordia Versicherung
  • 2000 Atlas Rostock